He does not look like Rick Nelson, but he sings with the same passion and you feel he is singing directly to you even in a large crowd, as many people said they personally felt when Rick sang.    People from many countries have made this same observation about Rick’s marvelous performances.

Guy has played the British musician Billy Fury on television and entertains annually when the Rick Nelson International Fan Club gathers together in May.  Other musical experience includes playing in local pubs.

            Guy lives in St. Mawes, a seaside fishing village on the southwestern coast of England in Cornwall where palm trees grow due to the warm blessing of the Gulf Stream.  Tea grows there that is made into the famous Earl Grey tea, and homes stack up the hillside, similar to pictures we have all seen of Naples.  There is a castle in St. Mawes built by Henry VIII and a constant breeze with fast-moving clouds that has proven to be the perfect moody, mystical setting for an emergent musician.

            Guy was born in the English Midlands in the same month and year as Gunnar and Matthew, Rick Nelson’s twins (September 1967).  After graduating from a private English boarding school, he attended college, majoring in engineering. 

            Guy is dedicated to the music of Rick Nelson and devoted to keeping Rick’s name alive.  He is an example of the next generation of Nelson fans (after the original fans of the ‘50s and ‘60s), demonstrating that Rick's appeal is not only international but also intergenerational.

            When asked if he would like to participate in the making of the documentary Gypsy Pilot, Guy enthusiastically said, “Anything for Rick.”